CAN YOU TRAVEL WITH THE COVER DOWN THE HIGHWAY? You can use the cover during travel when it is tied down properly (see installation page). If you notice considerable movement in the cover, it is advisable to stop and check for proper installation. Items added to the boat after you have received the, or temporary storage items may require additional reinforcement padding.

IS THE FABRIC WATERPROOF? Most fabrics used for marine applications are water repellent. This fabric, while not guaranteed 100% waterproof, usually performs well in repelling or beading of moisture. A waterproof fabric usually has a vinyl coating will be the closest to 100% waterproof. However, when sewn the machine needle will cause a small hole in the coating while depositing the thread. Thus, the vinyl coated fabric would not be 100% waterproof also.

IS THE FABRIC BREATHABLE? The marine acrylic fabric offers very good breathe-ability followed by the polyester fabrics; the vinyl coated polyester fabric is not a breathable fabric. Most applications for storage will be best suited for a breathable fabric. If used primarily for travelling the vinyl coated fabric would afford the better water repellency. The application of your cover use will dictate the fabric best suited for your needs. It would be advisable if your boat saturated to remove part of or all of the cover to speed the drying process.

HOW LONG DOES THE COVER LAST? There are many different factors, which determine the life expectancy. Some climates are harsher, and the application of use will be factors in the longevity. The Sea Sprae polyester gives 3 to 5 years of dependable service with more in some instances. The Marine Acrylic, vinyl coated polyester fabrics have a 5 year limited warranty (explained in the fabric section). It is not uncommon to get 6 to 8 years usage.

DO I NEED TO APPLY WATER REPELLANT TO THE FABRIC? The fabrics that we use for our custom covers have a water repellant coating applied by the fabric manufacturer. In some cases, a new cover may require a short period for the fabric to tighten around the thread at sewn locations. As the cover has been in use, it may require that the water repellency be rejuvenated. The duration will depend on a combination of factors thus no set time will apply.

IS THE COVER PADDED? We sew reinforcement to the underneath side of the cover at possible abrasion areas based upon the configuration of your boat.

WHAT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED TO MAKE MY COVER? We will need to know the brand of your boat, the year and the model. Does the boat have a single or dual console? What type of windshields do you have and are there any options that may be on your boat such as boarding ladder, trolling brand, shaft length port or starboard mount. If your boat is an outboard model, the year, size and brand, with or without a jack plate. Any other items such as back trolling motors, anchors, GPS or locators to name a few.

I SOMETIMES STORE MY COVER ON THE WATER, BUT STILL WISH TO USE IT DURING TRAVEL. CAN I DO THIS? We can alter the tie down system on the travel cover to accommodate the storage on a lift or for on the water storage.

DO THE COLORS FADE? The marine acrylic fabric is very colorfast. Covers that we have made 10 to 12 years ago, made from the marine acrylic have shown very little if any color change. The polyester fabric use a different dyeing system, while still very colorfast they do show some change after several years.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO MAKE MY COVER? Our normal turnaround time is approx. 2 weeks. During the peak season in the spring (2 to 3months), we have a 3 to 4 week turn around time.

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